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    Luxurious line of cosmetics inspired by modern cosmetic treatments and based on advanced technological solutions.

  • Provoke

    Dr Irena Eris Provoke make up combines unique caring properties with sophisticated make up .

  • Telomeric

    TELOMERIC 60+ is a line based on the technology of protection of telomeres, the part of DNA responsible for the process of aging of cells. The mechanism of action of telomeres is a discovery which was awarded the Nobel Prize. High effectiveness of the line makes the creams intensively regenerate, nourish and improve skin elasticity.



    VITACERIC is an advanced energizing skin care solution for greyish, tired skin devoid of the natural glow. It is particularly suitable for young active women who want to maintain a healthy-looking complexion and delay skin aging.


  • Hydrogenic

    HYDROGENIC is a line based on an innovative technology of active, multi-level hydration even in the deep parts of the skin. The innovative complex of 22 ingredients: 24H HYDRO TERM COMPLEX provides immediate relief and freshness.


  • NEW! INCELL 5°

    INCELL is a luxurious ultratechnological series acting at the level of cellular DNA, using the technology of reaching the heart cells, IONOcell STIMULATORS™.


    NORMAMAT is the first solution which uses the INTELLIGENT SEBO TECHNOLOGY. It allows for intelligent care of normal and combination skin type, with certain areas that are extra oily and other areas which are prone to become excessively dry, regardless of age.


    Clinic Way is the first line of pharmaceutical dermocosmetics which rejuvenate the skin and delay the skin aging processes adapted to the age and skin needs. Clinic Way demonstrates the capacity to sooth and calm skin irritations providing the effective and safe care even for the most sensitive and allergic skin.